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Accreditation of educational programs

The University was established on May 23, 1996 on the basis of three universities: Sh. Ualikhanov Kokshetau Pedagogical Institute, S. Sadvakassov Agricultural Institute and branch of Karaganda Polytechnic Institute.

From the first days of its existence, our university has actively joined in the work on the continuous modernization of the educational process: one of the first in the republic began the implementation of a three-level system of training; in 1998 a master's degree program was opened at the KSU; Since 2000 the university has switched to a rating system for assessing the effectiveness of educational and methodical work; since 2003 the training has been conducted in credit technology; Since 2004 the implementation of a quality management system has begun.

Today them. Sh. Ualikhanov KSU  is certified for compliance with international ISO standards, sixty-two undergraduate and graduate educational programs, three doctoral educational programs are accredited for a period of five years, six educational programs have passed international accreditation.