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Committee on Youth Affairs

The Committee on Youth Affairs (CYA) is the link between students and the university's management.

Goals of the CYA:

Formation of students' civil position, Kazakhstani patriotism, ability to work and live in a modern society.
Creation of conditions for effective development of intellectual, creative and innovative potential of student youth, support and development of student science.
Increase the activity of the youth of the university in the work of student self-government. Forming the personality of the student, developing his inner potential.
Cooperation and implementation of joint projects with youth and student organizations of the town and the region.
Creation of conditions for meeting the cultural, creative and organizational needs of university students.

-formation of patriotism, responsibility and respect for their future profession among students.
-involvement of students in extra-curricular activities;
-development and support of creative potential of students.

Instagram: kdm_kgu

 Main campus, 2 floor, office 220.

The chairman of the CYA is Rahmetullina Aidana.